The city of Tours wishes to promote an innovative approach to the urban integration of the motorway that runs through it. Aware of the potential for city life arising from this unusual urban situation, local stakeholders are seeking to draw on original experiences to change opinions of the motorway and launch a process that will result in long-term transformation. To do this, and with the support of VINCI Autoroutes, Tours District Council (Communauté d’agglomération de Tours) is joining the research and action known as “Passages, Transitional Spaces for the 21st Century” chaired by the City on the Move Institute (Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement, IVM).

The competition entitled “What if the A10 motorway opened up urban passages?” has been launched to obtain innovative scenarios that would bring new dynamism to links throughout the city and between Tours and St-Pierre-des-Corps, without impacting negatively on the functionality of the A10 motorway.

The motorway crosses the city of Tours, carrying national and local traffic. Such use will continue into the future since the idea of a motorway ring road has been abandoned.

Calendar : General timetable.pdf


  • Ecran Total (FR) : Thomas Bobrowski, Alice Hallynck et Flavien Kukwis
  • Les traces de notre passage (FR/UK) : Stéphane Malek, Rowan Mackay et Arthur Poisson
  • Turn cuts into cores (PT) : Joana Barreto, Cristina Leal, Carmen Silva, Patricia Baptista et Eduardo Gonçalves
  • Les tapis urbains (FR) : Jordan Aucant, Stéphane Bonzani et Marc-Antoine Durand
  • Passages ou/vert (FR/JAP) : Atelier Gama, Mu architecture et Yasuhiro Kaneda
  • FMAU et le Cabinet d’architecture (FR) : Sébastien Gafari, Hélène Grialou, Frédéric Martinet et Thibault Salmon
  • Atelier Georges et partenaires (FR) : Thibault Barbier, Mathieu Delorme, Claire Aquilina, Gabrielle Richard et Laurent Barelier