The partners

  • The Communauté d’agglomération Tour(s)plus (22 towns)

Tours District Council includes 22 smaller towns and villages with a total population of 295,400, almost one-half of the entire population for Indre-et-Loire.
The area also includes 14,000 companies employing 130,000 people. Located in the heart of the Loire Valley and listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, the Tours district is the main urban cluster in the Centre region of France. Tours is the main town in this district :

  • VINCI Autoroutes

VINCI Autoroutes designs, builds, funds and operates motorways under long-term concessions in France. More than two million customers use its 4,386 km of motorways every day. In particular, VINCI Autoroutes operates the A10 motorway used by express coaches and the site of Europe’s largest coach station, in Briis-sous-Forges in Ile-de-France. VINCI Autoroutes also operates expressways in California as well as road networks and bridges in Germany and the United Kingdom.
As a long-term partner of the State, which grants the concessions, and local or regional authorities, VINCI Autoroutes is bound by territorial development policies. It also aims to meet the mobility needs of local people and other userss :

  • City on the move (IVM)

Launched by PSA Peugeot Citroën in 2000, the Institute for Cities on the Move (Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement) aims to promote the emergence of innovative solutions for urban mobility. It brings together representatives of the corporate world with researchers and academics, players in the cultural sector, associations and towns themselves with a view to conducting research and taking action in the form of joint projects. Its brief is to test real solutions, enable international comparisons, survey the most unusual urban and architectural approaches, mobilise experts and multi-disciplinary skills in Asia, America and Europe, circulate knowledge and increase awareness of the challenge posed by mobility in contemporary society :


The organizer

  • The Agence d’Urbanisme de l’Agglomération de Tours (ATU)

The town planning agency for the city of Tours (ATU) is a not-for-profit association founded in 1967. Funded by the government and local and regional authorities, with Tours District Council playing a major role, its purpose is to assist its partners in their territorial development strategies and provide a joint view of such developments. Its multi-discipline team is involved regardless of the scale or area of territorial development (planning, housing, economy, mobility, environment etc.) :