Applications should be filed as an A3 landscape document of no more than six pages. They should include the following:

Description and composition of the team

This note should describe the expertise of the various team members and appoint a team representative with full contact details (postal address, email address, phone number).

A note expressing interest in, and understanding of, the subject

In this note, the team should set out its interest in the subject of Passages and specify the problem that it would like to overcome on the site.


This paragraph describes references regarding urban passages as they relate to the programme and the problems of the study site.

Additional information

Each member of the team should provide the following:

  • A scanned copy of an ID document with a photo, guaranteeing the age of the person on the final date of application;
  • A scanned copy of:
  • The diploma proving a qualification in urban design officially recognised in the person’s country of origin or, failing this:
  • References for work carried out in the public domain (press article, exhibition etc.).

Each team is requested to complete, sign and return the form signifying its acceptance of the competition rules : Agreement rules competition.pdf

To candidate, you can post here your full file before 20 march 2015 (at midnight in Paris) :

We will confirm you the reception of your candidacy within a maximum of 3 days after submission.